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We are a manpower deployment agency that aims to be of service to both international clients and to Filipino workers.

POEA License #: POEA-031-LB-091919-PLe

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The company has a technical mobilizing team that is constantly recruiting applicants on field. We also maintain a computerized database of the applicants for the preparation of immediate hiring.


All workers are carefully screened for the qualifications that our clients are looking for. We ensure that the selected workers would line up to the expectations of their employers.


The clients may either send the PTA or have our company purchase the plane tickets locally on their behalf.

Vacationer Service

For a minimum fee, Iconic can process all the requirements of the workers who come back for vacation to ensure that their return to work would be on schedule.


Iconic maintains corporate accounts in various first-class hotels at discounted rates which clients may avail to get a 40%-50% discount.

Purchasing of Equipments

In behalf of the client, Iconic may purchase the workers’ uniforms, hand tools, safety gears, and other needed accessories.

Deployment Period:

POEA clearance – 3 to 5 days
Visa stamping – 3 to 10 days
Flight scheduling – 5 to 10 days
Selection of workers – 10 to 20 days
Deployment of workers – 30 to 40 days

Service Fee:

Iconic will confer an optimum fee depending on the type of service desired by the client to their full benefit and satisfaction, and to the acceleration of the recruitment process.

Skills Training Facility

Our future skills training facility will be located inside San Simon Industrial Park in San Simon, Pampanga. A 5-minute drive from San Simon Toll Exit at NLEX. The 1,200 sqm warehouse facility will be used to do enhance learning and training area for trade testing, welding, scaffolding, carpentry, dry walling, gasoline & diesel mechanics and many more.

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